Divina.One Permanent Hair Colour

Divina.One is a range of permanent hair colours from Eva Professional Hair Care, made in Barcelona since 1922.  In over 50 countries people choose Eva Professional products to care for their hair.

Divina.One is a high-intensity colour range with superior levels of moisturizing power.

Paraben, silicone and sulfate-free formula

UCS.2 Ultra Colour System Technology makes the most of the properties of its active ingredients. It is a high-intensity color range with superior levels of moisturizing power.

 All the dyes in this line are intended to provide a natural, multifunctional look.  They provide 100% grey hair coverage. Uniform colors, they provide a very natural color and irresistible shine.


The Secrets of Success: 

1. Maximum color penetration with Chroma-tech

2. Maximum color adhesion

3. Vibrant and longlasting colors


Divina.One will provide a deep uniformed colour injection to reach a maximum colour retention and intensity + a deep hydration injection, all in one easy step.  Divina.One is an optimised colour service in a single visit providing radiant colour results, full of shine and hydration.

Colours 10% more intense and longer-lasting

Results corresponding to the comparative test performed with the Chroma-tech formula, after 20 shampoos.  Test conducted by an independent laboratory.


 Divina.One Permanent Hair Colour
Deep-down hydration and color in a single step.
 Divina.One Permanent Hair Colour
Uniform color lightening.
 Divina.One Permanent Hair Colour
Controlled oxidation.
 Divina.One Permanent Hair Colour
Maximum color penetration and retention.
 Divina.One Permanent Hair Colour
Maximum grey hair coverage.
 Divina.One Permanent Hair Colour
Radiant color results, full of shine.
 Divina.One Permanent Hair Colour
Optimized color service in a single visit.

New Chic Shades

  • 10.00 > California Extra blonde
  • 12.02 > Iridescent Ultra blonde
  • 5.56 > Daiquiri Coppery
  • New family: Divina.One.Pastels

Discover it here!

New Color Chart

Discover it here!

Does not include Divina.One.Diva shades. These still have their own color chart.

New 100ml Format

Available in the Essentials, Plus+ and Super HL

Divina.One Pastels

It’s quick and easy to try-on; it gives you the latest fashion must-have and you’ll rock a diffused color finish that fades beautifully.

Neutral Creative Base for mixing. Create personalized filtered finishes on any hair.
Creative Clear is used to dilute shades or to create a colorless matte gloss finish.

DIVINA.one Colour Chart