Divina.XL Permanent Hair Colour

A coloring range you can use to get modern shades and a range of technical possibilities, while caring for your hair.

  • Essentials, Super HL and AT Tenacity range; a line of color shades to fulfill different needs.
  • Divina.XL, with a wide color range for a versatile results.
  • Includes UCS technology to accentuate and improve hair color results.
DIVINA-XL Color Chart

DIVINA.XL Hair Colours:

 Divina.XL Permanent Hair Colour
  •  Divina.XL Permanent Hair Colour
    Sublime, long-lasting colours with greater intensity, shine & condition
  •  Divina.XL Permanent Hair Colour
    Exclusive technology UCS Ultra Colour System
  • Maximum grey hair coverage
  •  Divina.XL Permanent Hair Colour
    Intense yet compact range of colours + 100 colours
  • Mixing ratio 1:1.5
  • 120ml tubes!
  • Smooth gel-cream texture - mixture process is very fast
  • Very low ammonia levels- only a maximum of 3.0%
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