Evajazz Styling & Finishing

Created to give the perfect touch to your hairstyle and, with three levels of hold, they include Oz effect technology to provide perfect balance between achieving hold while preventing clumping and moisture loss.
Termo Balsam

Termo Balsam

2 in 1: Protection and Nutrition
Hot protector and conditioner balm without rinsing.  Protect your hair!


  • Strong protection agxainst aggression from dryinxg and styling
  • Aids detangling
  • Extra-fast no-rinse protection.
Soft Hold 1

Technilack, Soft

Discreet looks
Soft hold hairspray, for a perfect and full of life hairstyle.

Déjà Vu

Casual and natural looks
Flexible and fibrous paste, give a touch to your hairstyle!
Strong Hold

Casual Wax

Daily style
Flexible modelling easy wax, do not lose your creativity

Technilack Strong

Aggressive looks
Strong hold hairspray, the latest technology within reach!

Modelling Mousse

Full-bodied hairstyle
Flexible hold foam, curls + movement.

Shape Up

Sculpt your hair
Fixing gelatine. Play with it, create your own hairstyle!

Rock Paste

Shape it as you like
Solid wax to create the best hairstyle

Power Style

Shiny looks
Shiny and rigid effect styling gel, no waste!

Energizing Mousse

Curls under control
Extra hold foam, full-bodied and defined curls