Evondil Quaternium Permanent Wave

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The Innovative Permanent Concept That Can Be Used With All Hair Types.

It provides homogeneous curls from the roots to the ends and also gives the hair shine, volume and softness, without affecting its natural properties. The presence of quaternium polymer strengthens the curl, repairing the hair and making it easier to style.

With Evondil Quaternium Permanent Wave, the hair remains strong and curly, with a healthy appearance, and permits any sort of color treatment without damage to the hair.

Evondil Quanternium's 4 Levels Of Permanent Wave

The new formulation introduces natural components such as keratin, quaternium and wheat proteins, that have a maximum affinity to the structure of the hair fibres. These polymers take greater care and protect the hair while giving strength and power to the curl.
Evondil Quaternium "0"

Evondil Quaternium "0"

for very strong, healthy hair
Evondil Quaternium "1"

Evondil Quaternium "1"

for natural hair
Evondil Quaternium "2"

Evondil Quaternium "2"

for bleached or dyed hair
Evondil Quaternium "3"

Evondil Quaternium "3"

for very sensitive or highlighted hair

Get the perfect permanent wave for your hair!

Sexy Volume Soft Touch and Vibrant Shine
Sexy volume, soft touch and vibrant shine.
Adnvance Formula
Its advanced formula results in energetic and long-lasting permanent waves.
Conditioning Softening
Conditioning and softening action.
Silicone-free formula.

Evondil Treatment Procedures

Procedure 1

1. Select the Correct Treatment

After a careful diagnosis of the hair and scalp, select the most suitable variant of EVONDIL QUATERNIUM for the type of hair to be treated.

0 = Strong Hair
1 = Natural Hair without any chemical or bleach treatments
2 = Dyed or Bleached Hair
3 = Very Sensitive or Highlighted Hair
Procedure 2

2. Preparation

  • Before application, wash the hair with a gentle neutral EVA shampoo. Do not rub the scalp. If the hair to be curled is natural and has a solid structure, the use of a slightly alkaline shampoo is recommended.
  • Rinse well with water and eliminate any excess moisture with a towel.

Attention: Extremely dry, porous, or damaged hair or highlighted hair should be first treated by applying EVONDIL PROTECT Protective Gel after washing while still wet. Apply a certain amount of gel directly to the more damaged areas. Use a comb to spread the gel evenly and begin to curl the hair without rinsing.

Procedure 3

3. Curling and Application of the Base Lotion

  • Wear suitable protective gloves during the entire application.
  • Curl the hair according to the selected method of application(direct or indirect). The liquid is foamy so that all types of techniques can be used.
  • Once curling has been completed, saturate the hair to ensure uniform application of the product.
  • If the lotion comes into contact with the skin, clean immediately with a cotton pad soaked in water.
  • The correct amount of lotion depends on the length, volume and porosity of the hair.

The usual recommendations are:

  • up to 70ml. for short hair
  • up to 125 ml. for long hair (approx. 20cm)
  • Do not protect the edges of the hair during application nor during the exposure time (cotton, etc.)
  • The process can be accelerated by covering the head with a special cap for permanent waves.
Procedure 4

4. Exposure Times

Variety of Evondil With heat and covered Without heat and covered
0 10 - 15 min. 15 - 20 min.
1 10 - 15 min. 15 - 20 min.
2 5 - 10 min. 10 - 15 min.
3 5 min. 5 - 10 min.

These exposure times are approximate values only and may vary according to the structure of the hair. The final exposure should be determined by testing with several hair curlers.

Procedure 5

5. Neutralization

  • When the exposure time has elapsed, rinse all the hair-curlers with hot water for 2-3 minutes.
  • Dry any excess moisture with a towel.
  • Without unrolling the hair-curlers, carefully neutralize the hair with the neutralizing liquid previously diluted in equal parts of hot water.
  • Use a sponge to apply the product saturated in foam. Begin at the nape of the neck.
  • Allow for approximately 5-10 minutes to act.
  • Unroll the hair-curlers without pulling the hair, and apply a second neutralization, make sure the hair is wet around the nape of the nect and the contour, as well as the tips.
  • Allow another 5-10 minutes for the neutralizing liquid to act.

Important: the recommended exposure time for neutralization is always the minimum.

Procedure 6

6. To End The Treatment

Rinse the hair carefully with copious hot water


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