Ritualities - Intensive Hair Rescue Treatment.

Enjoy healthier, shiny, manageable hair for 6 full weeks

Restorative hair treatment based on wheat germ, silk and keratin proteins.

What role do proteins play in the hair?

Our hair is essentially made up of proteins, with keratin being the most important.  Its main mission is to strengthen the hair fiber.

The protein treatment in the RITUALITIES line has been created to balance the loss of the protein properties in our hair.  It improves 3 essential characteristics of healthy hair: shine, manageability and hydration for 6 weeks.

It is especially recommended for the treatment of dry, brittle and/or damaged hair.

Ideal cases for application:

Rebellious and porous hair, where it provides discipline and manageability.
Dry and damaged hair, for intense repair.
Periods of seasonal change and in fragile hair, giving it vitality.
As a preparation for damaged hair before any technical jobs.
Post-coloring, bleaching or permanents, it has great protective and reconstructive properties.


  • Eliminates frizzing from the very first application
  • Hair that is 2 times softer and more manageable
  • Repairs and restructures the hair fiber
  • Regenerates and seals the cuticle
  • Provides extreme shine.

How to Use


Start the protein regulation process by washing the hair with the shampoo.  Repeat the procedure.  In the case of specially frizzy hair, apply the shampoo and leave on for 2 minutes to promote the action of anti-frizzing component.

Towel dry to remove excess water and divide the hair into 4 sections. This way we ensure the product is spread evenly throughout the hair.

In the Ritualities bow, mix the moisturizing base and the shine booster and then apply the product using a spatula and leaving 1cm at the roots, extending it to the ends.

Dry the hair completely and divide it again into 4 and its corresponding locks to apply the therma tool to promote the penetartion of the protein and the sealing of the cuticle.