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Evajazz Technilack '2' 500ml

Evajazz Technilack '2' 500ml



Aggressive looks

Strong hold hairspray, the latest technology within reach


SPRAY of 500ml / 16,91fl oz


  • Choose the level of hold you need
  • Natural freedom for your hair
  • Long-lasting hairstyles with 0 residue.


Technilack is the last generation lacquer thought for giving setting and direction in each style, leaving hair styling free and natural.

It is a high quality product that helps the hair fixing without drying the scalp.

The Oz Effect technology has some components which avoid the hair get wet. 

The new silicones have a special shine which gives a healthy aspect to the hair.

There are three grades of setting depending on the hair type.

The strong fixation is ideal for medium texture hair; for styling’s that need to maintain the setting during some days.

Evajazz Strong Hold 2

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